Through my dual course, I can pursue both of my passions simultaneously.

Photo of Laila in the snow
Laila Fadel
Undergraduate student
BA Economics and Politics student
Laila, BA Economics and Politics student, can develop her interests in both fields and gain as much knowledge on both subjects as possible.

Why did you want to study in Sheffield/at the University of Sheffield?

I wanted to study at The University of Sheffield as it has a prestigious ranking, offers a wide range of interesting modules, and a wonderful student-friendly environment that allows me to grow and reach my full potential. Sheffield itself is a great city to live in as everything is accessible and it provides a safe environment for students. For an international student, it is known that Sheffield is filled with friendly and welcoming people that make transitioning to university life abroad feel easy. The student’s union in Sheffield is also another factor that urged me to study at the university as it is known to offer a wonderful variety of societies and unique experiences to its students. This ranges from cultural societies to sports societies and countless events and activities. Overall, the main reason I chose the University of Sheffield was that I believed it was the best place for me to progress both academically and socially and I am beyond happy with this decision.

Please talk about your experience of studying a dual course across two departments.

Studying a dual course across the Economics and Politics departments can be challenging at times but it’s not necessarily a tough one. Through my dual course, I can pursue both of my passions simultaneously. This allows me to develop my interests in both fields and to gain as much knowledge on both subjects as possible. Across both departments, I was able to meet different people with extremely different interests and ideologies. I could be solving a mathematics tutorial and then go straight to engaging in a political debate and this diversity in my degree allows me to remain interested and also develop my skills on a wide scale. The Economics department and the Politics department members have been very supportive and helpful and if I am ever faced with a problem, I can always refer to them for help.

What does 1st-year life look like for you?

First year is a year of discovery for me. I am constantly meeting new people that inspire me and connect with me in various ways. Also, I am getting used to living independently in a whole new environment far from my family and home. Through this, I am able to discover myself and the world around me as every day I am exposed to something new academically and socially that builds my character and pushes me to grow and reach my full potential.

What would you tell a student thinking of studying Economics at the University of Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield’s Economics program is a wonderful program for various reasons. Not only are the lecturers and the department members extremely professional, but they are also always available to help to ensure that you get the most out of your university experience. You also get to study Economics in-depth and dive into a huge variety of different and extremely interesting modules. The University of Sheffield’s Economics department is undoubtedly a great choice as it is guaranteed that you will always get the help and support you need whilst receiving the highest quality of education.

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