CFD modelling and advanced burner designs


Supervisors: Professor M Pourkashanian, Professor L Ma, Professor D Ingham

A substantial amount of current activity on oxyfuel combustion capture is still at the conceptual design stage, encompassing a broad range of fuels and power systems, including the development of alternative system configurations that maximise overall efficiency and minimise estimated capital and operating costs. Many of the designs include advanced component technologies, next generation burners and heat integration schemes that do not currently exist, but which illustrate the potential for process improvements.

Next-generation combustors for oxyfuel are moving towards extreme conditions and novel combustion concepts are being developed that hold promise for even lower-cost capture systems.

The project will involve the design of novel hybrid burners for coal-biomass-air-oxy combustion flexibility in real plant operation. Prototype scaled burners at 250kW may be tested and validated alongside funded projects on experimental combustion test facilities.

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