Victoria Edwards

Location: Information School, Regent Court


Prior to commencing my PhD, I completed the distance learning MA in Library and Information Services Management at the University of Sheffield. My MA dissertation analysed the key factors in the decision making involved in classification scheme implementation in UK academic libraries. My professional background is in academic libraries where my work focused on collection management and e-resources.

PhD title

What are the key influences in the quality control of bibliographic metadata for e-books in UK academic libraries?

Project description

The proliferation of e-books in academic libraries has led to significant changes in the way that they are catalogued. As e-books are often purchased in large collections, batch loading bibliographic records into Library Management Systems is the most feasible method for making them accessible. The quality of the bibliographic metadata in the records provided is often varied, this can impact their discoverability. This research aims to investigate how this quality is monitored by UK academic libraries and e-book vendors, with a particular focus on the workflows implemented for processing records. The relationships between libraries and e-book vendors will also be examined.

Research interests

Academic libraries, bibliographic metadata, cataloguing processes, open access, linked data, workflows, knowledge management, collection management, e-resources.