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University of Sheffield Open Access Policy

The University of Sheffield has produced a Position Statement that fully endorses the principles of open access and requires all academics to make their research open access where possible to maximize research impact and to comply with funder policies where applicable.

In outline, it states that all research outputs are to be recorded on MyPublications and a copy of the authors final peer-reviewed manuscript for all new journal or conference articles should be uploaded to WRRO via MyPublications no later than two months from the date of acceptance of publication to comply with REF2020. Additionally, some authors will have to also make their papers open access immediately on publication via the gold route to comply with their funder requirements. For more information on making your papers open access see Open Access - How do I do it?.

To learn more about the importance of institutional open access policies and statements, please watch this short video produced by Coalition of Open Access Policies (COAPI).

Open Access Decision Tree

Open Access Decision Tree