Creating a Google Scholar profile

Step-by-step guidance to help you create a profile on Google Scholar.


How to create a profile

You can enhance your discoverability by creating an account and telling Google which publications in their database are yours. After taking these steps searches on your name in Google Scholar will show all matching profiles at the top of the results. The profile itself shows your list of publications with basic metrics. Besides journal papers, it may also include books and reports.

  1. All University staff and students have a Google account (if you do not yet have a Google account, go to Google and create it from the ‘sign in’ button).

  2. Go to Google Scholar, make sure you are logged in and click 'My Profile'.

  3. Follow instructions to create your profile and add or remove publications that are yours or not yours.

  4. Add your ORCID as your ‘homepage’. Make sure your ORCID profile is accurate and Google Scholar should automatically harvest the data. This is particularly important for works which Google Scholar doesn’t always ordinarily pick up eg books.

  5. You can set up alerts so you’re notified when someone cites your work. Click on the blue ‘follow’ button at the top of your profile.

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