Sheffield Fluid Mechanics Group

We develop fluid mechanics research in our traditional areas of expertise.


At the same time we believe that interdisciplinary partnership can bring additional complementary strength in understanding research problems. The group creates an environment where new directions or research emerge.

The present members of the group are:

  • Wernher Brevis (Civil and Structural Engineering)
  • S B Chin (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bryn Jones (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering)
  • Georges Kesservani (Civil nad Structural Engineering)
  • Chris Keylock (Civil and Structural Engineering)
  • Yi Li (Aplied Mathematics)
  • Andrzej Nowakowski (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Koji Ohkitani (Applied Mathematics)
  • Pierre Ricco (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Julia Rees (Applied Mathematics)
  • Ning Qin (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ati Sharma (Automatic Control and System Engineering)
  • James Shucksmith (Civil and Structural Engineering)
  • Ashley Willis (Applied Mathematics)
  • Will Zimmerman (Chemical and Process Engineering)

The group has affiliated members we have hosted in recent years as a result of the EPSRC Bridging the Gap Scheme.

  • Konrad Bajer (Warsaw University)
  • Claude Cambon (École Centrale de Lyon)
  • Christo Christov (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
  • Stuart Humphries (University of Hull)
  • Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Thomas Michelitsch (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
  • Bartek Protas (McMaster University)
  • Jacek Rokicki (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Carlos Rosales (University Federico Santa Maria)
  • Chantal Staquet (ENSHMG Grenoble)
  • Hongwei Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

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