Maintenance loans

Use these 2017 figures as a guide to help you plan your finances. We'll publish the 2018 figures as soon as we can.

How much?
Everyone is entitled to a maintenance loan. The maximum amount available for September 2017 entry is £8,430 per year. Some of this amount will be dependent on your household income. Household income is defined as your family's gross annual income of the household you live in, minus some pension contributions and allowances for dependent children.

Students living away from home
Household income Maintenance loan
£25,000 or less £8,430
£30,000 £7,825
£35,000 £7,220
£40,000 £6,615
£45,000 £6,009
£50,000 £5,404
£55,000 £4,799
£60,000 £4,193
£62,187 or above £3,928
Students living at home
Household income Maintenance loan
£25,000 or less £7,097
£30,000 £6,499
£35,000 £5,901
£40,000 £5,303
£45,000 £4,705
£50,000 £4,107
£55,000 £3,509
£58,215 or above £3,124

Who's eligible?
All full-time students from the UK provided you haven’t completed an undergraduate degree before. The figure above is based on what an English student, studying outside of London, might receive. Awards for students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be slightly different.

Who am I borrowing from?
The government.

How is it paid?
By three instalments, straight into your bank account. The first instalment is paid 3–5 days after you register with us.

Do I have to reapply each year?

Paying it back

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Do I have to pay off my tuition and maintenance loans separately?
No, they're added together so you make one monthly payment.

How do I pay it back?
It's taken off your salary automatically so you don’t have to do anything.

When do I pay it?
You don't pay anything back until you are earning over £25,000 a year.

Can I pay my loan off early?
Yes. There's no extra charge for paying off all or part of your loan early.


When do I apply?
Applications are open now. You can apply for your tuition fee loan at the same time. You don’t have to wait for an offer of a place.

How do I apply?
Fill in the form online when you apply for your tuition fee loan. It's all part of the same process: