Human-Robot Interaction Developer

Location: Sheffield
Salary: Grade 6 £26,243 - £30,395 per annum.
Hours: Full time
Closing Date: 4th September 2019
Contract Type: Fixed-term for 12 months with a start date of 1 November 2019

Are you interested to shape the intelligence of robots, which engineers can work with? In this job you will have the chance to do that using natural language definitions of a robot’s reasoning and activities. You will work in the nuclear industry application area where remotely instructed robots are essential due to radiation exposure and thus intelligent robots are in great demand. You will develop demonstrations and illustrations to industry on how they can make best use of their robots in terms of natural language communication and protocols that both robots and operators can interpret easily. You will take part in the most exciting practical innovation in the robotics area for decades.

You should have a good honours degree (or equivalent experience) in engineering, computer science or a related subject and some familiarity with C/C++. We are a team of 5 researchers at Sheffield and we are part of the EPSRC supported Robotics and AI in Nuclear project with £12M funding. Our team has been working in this area for the past 2 years and you will be able to learn the techniques we use.

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