Paul Ologeh: Year in Industry Placement

Paul is studying for an MEng Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering degree in the Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering (ACSE). He recently returned from his Year in Industry placement where he was able to gain a real understanding of how his degree can be applied in industry. Read Paul's full profile below:

Where was your placement? Paul O Ologeh Profile Pic

GE Aviation Systems, Cheltenham.

What made you decide to do the placement?

I did a summer placement at Peratech in Durham where I worked to automate parts of the company's manufacturing process. I successfully set up a control system that controlled the flow rate of the ink at the plant to a reference value with a strict limit of +-2%. I really enjoyed doing this task for the summer so I decided I would like to gain more experience by doing a Year in Industry.

How has the placement benefited you?

It has helped me understand what working in a big company is like and helped me understand the dynamics of the workplace in larger organisations. I have also gained a lot of technical skills and learned to use a variety of software.

How has ACSE helped you with the placement?

ACSE has helped me understand the Systems Engineering life-cycle. As I was a systems engineering intern, knowledge of this was crucial when I was involved in Requirements Validation and Verification.

What has been the highlight of your placement?

Being part of the 'Team of the Month' for September as the project we worked on was very well received at the GE Symposium.

Would you recommend a placement to other students? If so why?

Yes, it gives you an idea of what work-life is like and helps improve your competencies.

How will your placement help you in the future?

It will definitely help me orient myself in the workplace and boost future employment prospects. It will also help make my final year at university easier as I have gained a lot of knowledge on systems engineering and have improved my organisation and time management skills.