PhD Research Projects

The Department's vigorous research activity allows us to continually offer a wide range of exciting PhD projects. Our projects push the boundaries of current thinking, providing ongoing development in a wide range of industries. We structure our research within three research groups.

Current Projects

Our academics and research associates are always working on new projects in their dedicated area, allowing PhD students to develop their own study and prepare them for their future.

A list of potential PhD projects offered by our academics is provided below under their related research group. Please click on project titles for further information.

Please note that funding is not guaranteed for these projects. Projects with funding can be found here.

Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group

Active Wearables for Efficient Living (Supervisor:Dr Damian)

Advances in swarm robotics and multi-robot systems (Supervisor: Dr Gross)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Manufacturing (Supervisor: Dr Oyekan)

Automatic Object and Behaviour Recognition in Video/ Image Sequences (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Autonomous Scalable Knowledge Extraction and Decision Making for Complex Systems and Dynamic Environments (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Autonomous swarms for digitising manufacturing activities (Supervisor: Dr Oyekan)

Co-evolutionary dynamics in logistic networks (Supervisor: Dr Punzo)

Co-operative Behaviour of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (Supervisor: Professor Veres)

Cooperative and non-cooperative approaches for the resilience of socio-technical systems (Supervisor: Dr Punzo)

Decision making dynamics with non spatially embedded networks and superimposed information layers (Supervisor: Dr Punzo)

Digitising complex large scale manufacturing activities (Supervisor: Dr Oyekan)

Evolutionary robotics and artificial life (Supervisor: Dr Gross)

Human-Robot Collaboration for manual intensive complex manufacturing processes(Supervisor: Dr Oyekan)

Ingestible Origami Robots for Biomedicine. (Supervisor: Dr Miyashita)

Micro/Milli-Robots and Systems. (Supervisor: Dr Miyashita)

Modular reconfigurable robotic systems (Supervisor: Dr Gross)

Multiple Object Tracking and Decision Making (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion and Smart Decision Making (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Novel swarm systems (Supervisor: Dr Gross)

Portable Agent Software Architecture for Robot Control (Supervisor: Professor Veres)

Reliable Response and Behaviour of Autonomous Robots (Supervisor: Professor Veres)

Robotics, Biomechatronics and Control (Supervisor: Dr Anderson)

Robotic Implants to Control Body Functions (Supervisor: Dr Damian)

Robotic Molecules: Self-repairing and Self-assembling Machine. (Supervisor: Dr Miyashita)

The Role of the Road Network on City Economic Performance (Supervisor: Dr Punzo)

Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Inference in Complex Systems (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Tracking and Modelling of Cell Dynamics with Application to Swarm Robots (Supervisor: Professor Kadirkamanathan)

Vehicular Traffic Flow Modelling, Prediction and Control (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Wireless Sensor Networks for Localisation in Indoor and Outdoor Environments (Supervisor: Professor Mihaylova)

Complex Systems and Signal Processing

Adaptive Learning in brain-robot interactions (Supervisor: Dr Arvaneh)

Advanced brain-computer interface (Supervisor: Dr Arvaneh)

An Information Theoretic Approach to the Smart Grid (Supervisor: Dr Esnaola)

Analysis and Modelling of Stem Cell Dynamics (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Big Data and Machine Learning for Environmental Systems (Supervisor: Dr Wei)

Boundary stabilization of fluid flows (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Brain Decoding Models across Subjects (Supervisor: Dr Arvaneh, Dr H Wei)

Causality Analysis and Feature Extraction of Neurophysiolocal Signals (Supervisor: Dr Wei)

Co-Design of highly manoeuvrable miniature airships (Supervisor: Dr Jones)

Computationally efficient modelling & simulation and applications (Supervisor: Dr Guo)

Control theoretical approaches to modelling, analysis and design of gene regulatory networks (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Cybersecurity in Electricity Grids (Supervisor: Dr Esnaola)

Data Modelling, Data Mining and Data Analytics: Methods, Algorithms and Applications (Supervisor: Dr Wei)

Dynamical Processes in the Geo-space Plasma (Supervisor: Professor Balikhin)

Exploiting and Unlocking Hidden Values in Energy Big Data through Systems Engineering and Machine Learning Approaches (Supervisor: Dr Wei)

Frequency analysis of nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems - theory and applications (Supervisor: Dr Guo)

Frequency analysis and design of nonlinear systems: theories, methods and their applications (Supervisor: Professor Lang)

FPGA acceleration of computationally-intensive algorithms (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Jupiter Plasma Environment (Supervisor: Professor Balikhin)

Modelling and analysis of the dynamics of global gene expression for diagnosis, prognosis, molecular classification of diseases and new drug development (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Mind Controlled Robots and Machines (Supervisor: Dr Wei)

Modelling and Control of Turbulent Flows (Supervisors: Dr Jones)

Multimodal Control of Prosthetic Limbs/Paralysed Muscles (Supervisor: Dr Arvaneh & Professor Mihaylova)

Modelling and Identification of Spatiotemporal Systems (Supervisor: Professor Kadirkamanathan)

Nonlinear control of grid-tied inverters for stabilising future smart grids (Supervisor: Dr G Konstantopoulos)

Nonlinear complex systems with application in biomedical systems (Supervisor: Dr Guo)

Nonlinear System Identification and Biophysical Modelling of Neural Activity based on Electrophysiological Data (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Real-time Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Road vehicle drag reduction via feedback flow control (Supervisor: Dr Jones)

Space Weather Forecast (Supervisor: Professor Balikhin)

Tracking, modelling, simulation and control of evolving interfaces (Supervisor: Professor Coca)

Using Brain Computer Interface to Improve Cognitive Performance (Supervisor: Dr Arvaneh)

Intelligent Systems, Decision and Control

Advanced Systems-Modelling and Optimisation in Materials Science and Engineering (Supervisor: Professor Mahfouf)

Application of predictive control to fast systems (Supervisor: Dr Rossiter)

Complex systems modelling for understanding and prediction of public health related behaviours (Supervisor: Dr Purshouse)

Computational efficiency in predictive control (Supervisor: Dr Rossiter)

Computing With Words – Modelling and Optimisation of Industrial Processes (Supervisor: Professor Panoutsos)

Constrained control and set invariance (Supervisor: Dr Trodden)

Data modelling and machine learning (Supervisor: Professor Harrison)

Digitisation and Visualisation of Factory Layouts and Processes (Supervisor: Professor Tiwari)

Digitisation, Simulation Modelling and Optimisation of Skill-intensive Manufacturing Processes (Supervisor: Professor Tiwari)

Distributed, robust and adaptive model predictive control (MPC) (Supervisor: Dr Trodden)

Enhancing virtual screening in the search for new pharmaceuticals (Supervisor: Professor Harrison)

Evolutionary multi-objective optimization and multiple criteria decision-making (Supervisor: Dr Purshouse)

Health Monitoring for Rolls-Royce Power Systems (Supervisor: Dr Mills)

Intelligent Health Monitoring and Distributed Decision Support (Supervisor: Professor Kadirkamanathan)

Intelligent Systems Modelling and Decision Support in Biomedicine (Supervisor: Professor Mahfouf)

Modelling hormonal rhythms for biomedical control (Supervisor: Professor Harrison)

Monitoring and Control of Cyber Physical Systems (Supervisor: Professor Kadirkamanathan)

Multi-rate and/or non square systems and/or decentralised control (Supervisor: Dr Rossiter)

Multiscale Modelling of Natural, Living and Engineering Systems (Supervisor: Professor Kadirkamanathan)

Optimal control of disease dynamics (Supervisor: Professor Harrison)

Perpetual Modelling and Decision Making for Biomedical Systems (Supervisor: Professor Panoutsos)

Predictive and optimization-based control of smart grids: theory and algorithms (Supervisor: Dr Trodden)

Predictive control of non-linear and/or robust systems (Supervisor: Dr Rossiter)

Random vibration in ground vehicles (Supervisor: Professor Harrison)

Remote Sensing of Health Metrics (Supervisor: Dr Pope)

Robotic and Cyber-Physical Materials (Supervisor: Dr Pope)

Robust Design Optimisation (Supervisor: Dr Purshouse)

Space Systems (Supervisor: Dr Pope)

State-space modelling of trajectories in childhood development (Supervisor: Dr Purshouse)

Virtual Human-Robot Collaboration (Supervisor: Professor Tiwari)

*Please note that you are welcome to discuss alternative research topics with project supervisors.

PhD Supervisors

Each group is led by senior academics and supported by post-doctoral researchers. Below are a list of the PhD supervisors in these groups.