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Dr Jonathan Aitken
Research Fellow

Dr. Jonathan AitkenDepartment of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
Rm B05, Sheffield Robotics, Pam Liversidge Building
University of Sheffield
S1 3JD
Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 5660
Email: jonathan.aitken @


Dr Aitken is a Research Fellow working in the Autonomous Control Laboratory within the Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group of ACSE. His work focuses on autonomous reconfiguration of robotic systems, especially on quadcopter platforms. He also has interests in computer vision and spatial awareness of robotic systems.

Jonathan holds a Master's degree (2005) and PhD (2009) in Electronic Engineering, both awarded by the University of York. Working with Tim Clarke in the Department of Electronics, Jonathan researched distributed and fault-tolerant multi-agent systems built using techniques including wavelet-based system-identification and Artificial Immune Systems.

Dr Aitken has previously worked in the Computer Science Department at the University of York, where he was a member of the High Integrity Systems Engineering Group, working on safety in Systems-of-Systems, especially dynamic risk assessment, and developed interests in evolving justifiably safe systems. During this time he also acted as an independent assessor for the Industrial Avionics Working Group (IAWG) developing a process for documenting modular software safety cases.

Research interests

Dr Aitken's research interests include:

  • Autonomous reconfiguration of systems, including robotics;
  • Novel implementations of control solutions;
  • Multi-Agent Systems;
  • Genetic Algorithms;
  • Wavelets;
  • Artificial Immune Systems.

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Journal articles

  • Louise A. Dennis, Michael Fisher, Jonathan M. Aitken, Sandor M. Veres, Yang Gao, Affan Shaukat and Guy Burroughs. Reconfigurable Autonomy. Künstliche Intelligenz, P1--9, August 2014.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Rob Alexander, Tim Kelly and Simon Poulding. Evolving Robust Networks for Systems-of-Systems: is it Viable for Large Networks? Empirical Software Engineering, P1--29, February 2014.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken and Tim Clarke. Observer/Kalman Filter Identification with Wavelets. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Volume 60, Issue 7, 2012.

Conference papers (peer reviewed)

  • Owen McAree, Jonathan M. Aitken, Luke Boorman, David Cameron, Adriel Chua, Emily C. Collins, Samuel Fernando, James Law and Uriel Martinez-HernandezOperation of a Lift by a Mobile Guide Robot. Proceedings of the European Conference on Mobile Robotics, 2015 (in press).
  • James Law, Jonathan M. Aitken, Luke Boorman, David Cameron, Emily C. Collins, Adriel Chua, Samuel Fernando, Uriel Martinez-Hernandez and Owen McAree. ROBO-GUIDE: Towards Safe, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Natural Behaviours in Robotic Assistants. Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS), Liverpool, UK, 2015. Springer International Publishing, (in press).
  • David Cameron, Emily C. Collins, Adriel Chua, Samuel Fernando, Owen McAree, Uriel Martinez-Hernandez, Jonathan M. Aitken, Luke Boorman, and James Law. Help! I Can’t Reach the Buttons: Facilitating Helping Behaviors Towards Robots. Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (2015). Springer International Publishing, (in press).
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Sandor M. Veres and Mark Judge. Adaptation of System Configuration under the Robot Operating System. Proceedings of the 19th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), Cape Town, South Africa, 2014.
  • David R. White, Jeremy Singer, Jonathan M. Aitken and Richard E. Jones. Control Theory for Principled Heap Sizing. Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Memory Management, P27--38, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2013.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Rob Alexander, Tim Kelly and Simon Poulding. Evolving Robust Networks for Systems-of-Systems. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering (SSBSE), p30--44 Riva del Garda, Italy, 2012.
  • David R. White, Jeremy Singer, Jonathan M. Aitken and David Matthews. Automated Heap Sizing in the Poly/ML Runtime. Trends in Functional Programming, St Andrews, UK, 2012.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Rob Alexander and Tim Kelly. A Risk Modelling Approach for a Communicating System of Systems. Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Systems Conference, p442--447, Montreal, Canada, 2011.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Rob Alexander and Tim Kelly. A Case for Dynamic Risk Assessment in NEC Systems of Systems. Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Systems of Systems Engineering, p1--6, Loughborough, UK, 2010.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken, Tim Clarke and Jonathan Timmis. The Pathways of Complement. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, p364--375, Phuket, Thailand, 2008.
  • Jonathan M. Aitken and Tim Clarke. Using Data Confluences in a Distributed Network with Social Monitoring to Identify Fault Conditions. Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, p703--710, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006.

Technical reports

  • Jonathan M. Aitken. On Immune Inspired Social Monitoring. PhD Thesis, University of York, UK, 2009.


Invited Talks

  • Smart Robotics - Cafe Scientifique - Pendle, UK, 11th May 2015

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