China in Your Eyes

- Photographs, Stories and Short Films Competitions

西方人眼中的中国- 摄影、故事及录像片比赛

Ever been to China? Did you go for a business trip, a holiday, a visit or a study? Or simply you were born and lived there. Send us your photos, stories or videos in China, the precious memories experienced by you. 

We are looking for your own experience and personal perceptions about China!

Open to all who have been to China. Group A for non-Chinese and Group B for Chinese who was born and bred in China.

Fantastic prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners at each competition and each category.

China in your eyes exhibition

Competition 1- China in Photographs

Submit up to six photographs under the following categories:

  •  Landscapes & Cityscapes
  •  Famous Sites
  •  Portraits
  •  Culture & Customs
  •  Everyday Life
  •  Artistic Images

Photo type: JPEG only; no watermarks; stating title, preferred categories and up to 100 words description for each photograph (in English).

Competition 2- China in Stories

Submit you story as  a word document, which could be accompanied by an audio recording (i.e. storytelling) or with an album of photos.
Story length: 300-2000 English words.

Competition 3- China in Focus

Short film about China, with title, storyline and ending.
Video length: 1-5 minutes.

Chinese Artefacts

For exhibition ONLY. We collect memorable souvenirs brought back by you from China. We will take care of your items and store them securely. However, we are not liable for any loss and damage. All items will be returned to you after the exhibition.

Display, Exhibition and Award Ceremony will take place during Chinese New Year Show held at Sheffield City Hall on 6th February 2019, 4pm.

Copyright of the Competition Items: It is the responsibility of all the entrants to ensure that any entry submitted into the competition is their own original work.
Sheffield Confucius Institute maintains the right to make public any entry submitted into the competition either in part, parts or in full.

Deadline for submission: 21 January 2019

All photos, stories and short films can be sent electronically to

Alternatively, all submissions and exhibits could be delivered to the CI Office, located at
Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield
2-4 Palmerston Road
Sheffield S10 2TE
Tel: 0114 2228410