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Chinese language and cultural workshops are offered and open to members of the public and local communities, as well as staff and students at the University. Please check suitability for each workshop/activity.

CI_ Fairground

A gradual easing of Covid restrictions is under way. We are starting workshops and activities that can be attended in person. However, infection rates remain relatively high at this time. We encourage people to use face coverings indoors and follow the University guidelines. 

Family Event: 

Exploring the Wonder of the University Fairground— Exhibition and Arts Workshop

Date: Tuesday 15 February 2022

Session1, 10:00 – 12:00am; Session2, 12:30  –  2:30pm; Session3, 2:30  –  4:30pm.

Place: Gallery Exhibition Space and Wolfson Suite, Western Bank Library, the University of Sheffield, S10 2TN

Admission Free.

Join an exhibition from the collections of the National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA) at the University of Sheffield, exploring fairground decorative arts and fairground engineering. Inspired by the story of Orton ad Spooner, make your own creation and construction to the fun. The event falls on Chinese Lantern Festival. Festive sweets and New Year gifts will be handed out to participants.

Open to children aged 5-14. Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult and the University Covid measures should be followed through.

Download flyer Exploring the Wonder of the University Fairground, pdf, 457KB



日期:2022年2月15日,星期二, 一天三场:10:00–12:00am; 12:30–2:30pm;  2:30–4:30pm。

地点:谢菲尔德大学Western Bank 图书馆,展览大厅,Sheffield S10 2TN

面向5-14 岁的儿童。 11 岁以下的儿童须由一位成人陪同(星星中文学校的学生可以留个老师,家长不一定参加)。所有人遵循大学 新冠防疫措施。

免费入场。邮件, 或者电话 07593502130 提前预订。宣传页下载 探索大学游乐园的神奇.PDF, 680K

参加“谢菲尔德大学国家游乐场和马戏团档案馆 (NFCA)” 收藏的展览,探索游乐场装饰艺术,以及游乐场工程设计。听取 Orton 和Spooner 的创业故事,自己动手,创作设计,建造有趣的手工品。活动恰逢元宵节。参与者每人会得到节日糖果和新年礼物。

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