China - UK Seminar III - The Characteristics and Teaching Strategies of Heritage Language Learners

The 3rd UK-China Seminar - The Characteristics and Teaching Strategies of Heritage Language Learners - will take place on October 14, 2022 - 8:30am - 10:30am BST. A fascinating discussion between Dr Sabine Little and Professor Cao Xianwen,

Language is learning

About the UK - China Seminar Series

The Confucius Institute regularly invites academics and experts worldwide to give talks at the China Seminars Series about the latest research in language studies, language teaching, international relationships and economics, and other topics.

The China Seminar Series is an annual project organised by the SCI designed to host a number of talks across the year by renowned academic and professors from around the UK and China.

The seminars cover a variety of topics, including Chinese language education, cross-cultural communication, Chinese philosophy, Chinese history and Chinese agriculture among others. In order to promote cross-cultural dialogue between our British and Chinese colleagues, the UK-China Seminar Series was created.

Language is Learning: The Characteristics and Teaching Strategies of Heritage Language Learners

For this fascinating discussion, we will be joined by Dr Sabine Little from the University of Sheffield and Professor Cao Xianwen from Nanjing University. The following are their biographies with information about their speaking topics and study:

Dr Sabine Little

Dr Sabine Little is Senior Lecturer in Languages Education at the University of Sheffield, and Director of Education in the School of Education. She convenes the UK Literacy Association’s Special Interest Group on Literacy and Multilingualism, and her work on Sheffield’s multilingual children’s library has been awarded the international Brenda Eastwood Award for Diversity and Inclusion. Her work focuses on links between multilingualism, identity, and belonging.


'Supporting heritage language development through technology: child’s play or hard work?' Dr Little's talk explores how multilingual families use technology – television, apps, and games – to support heritage language development. Importantly, it focuses on parental attitudes towards technology and screen time, and children’s thoughts on engaging with both content aimed at language learners, and content aimed at language speakers (i.e. confident language users). 

Dr Sabine Little
Dr Sabine Little

Professor Cao Xianwen

Proffessor CAO Xianwen is a professor at Nanjing university and a board member of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. His research interest is International Chinese Teaching.


Professor Cao's talk traces the genesis of Chinese heritage language education and discusses their development course. It introduces the various definitions of heritage language learners, the origin and characteristics of Chinese heritage language education, and proposes corresponding pedagogical methods and teaching strategies for Chinese heritage language learners. 

Professor Cao Xianwen
Professor Cao Xianwen

When: October 14, 2022 - 8:30am - 10:30am 

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