Chinese New Year Gala Roundup - Sheffield City Hall

Over 2000 people joined the Chinese New Year celebrations last week at the annual gala in Sheffield City Hall. Keep reading for a full roundup of the events - we couldn’t have had a better start to this New Year of the Rabbit!

Sheffield committee

There was a real buzz about the City Hall venue last Tuesday and the atmosphere during the main performances was electric. People from across the city came out to take part in the celebrations, from locals and students to councillors and prominent business leaders, and even the Sheffield Mayor herself. 

Ballroom Pre-Show Event 

Packed to the brim with stalls, musicians, performers and people, the Ballroom was in full swing to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. You could find stalls as diverse as Baijiu manufacturers and an information point for South Yorkshire Police, to the Sheffield Confucius Institute - delivering a range of activities exploring their connections to Chinese culture.  On offer on stage was a delightful mix of musicians and performers, featuring singing performances and a performance from the Wanlin Dance Academy.

The Chinese Lion lights up the ballroom
The Chinese Lion lights up the ballroom
Confucius Institute CNY
The busy Confucius Institute activity area

The Confucius Institute at the Ballroom Pre-Show Event 

The Chinese New Year Gala is always a time to shine for the Sheffield Confucius Institute (SCI) and this year did not disappoint. With help from talented local students and our dedicated teachers and staff the SCI staged a host of activities, from Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese paper cutting to Chinese language games and puzzles. Everyone was spoilt for choice with the activities on offer. The SCI was also proud to display the successful results of its recent photography competition ‘Perspectives: 2022’ and its School Arts Competition throughout the hall. Dr Malcolm Butler, Director of Global Engagement at the University of Sheffield said:  

It's just lovely to be here. The pictures and the art that the kids have done is great… Today is what it's all about in terms of the Confucius Institute, bringing together the UK and China and exploring each other's cultures and it's just great to be here.

The Sheffield Chinese New Year Gala

Dr Malcolm Butler

Dr Malcolm Butler Comments on the 2023 Chinese New Year Gala
CNY team photo
Confucius Institute staff and volunteers at last year's Gala
Revelers join in the fun and games
Revelers join in the fun and games

Oval Hall Main Stage Event 

The beautiful Oval Hall theatre space was the home for the main event. The venue was packed out full of people, the proceeds of which went to the local Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. Guests were amazed and enthralled by a host of acts such as the Lion Dancers and their acrobatic feats, beautiful opera renditions and special dance routines by the Wanlin Dance Academy. A major highlight was the joint performance of Xizong Chen and Zi’an Wang; these artists have overcome all odds in their shared visual impairment, rising to become exquisite musicians with a host of accolades and awards. 

Xizong Chen and Zi'an Wang perform on the Oval stage
Xizong Chen and Zi'an Wang perform on the Oval stage
Wanlin Dance Academy performance
Wanlin Dance Academy performance

The turnout for this year’s event has been one of the biggest in the long history of the SCI’s collaboration with the annual Chinese New Year Gala. The SCI is so appreciative of the hard work of its staff and associates that helped this event become so successful and it’s been really encouraging. We’d also like to thank the organisers, the event founder, Jerry Cheung and the Sheffield Chinese New Year Joint Committee for their hard work and dedication. We’re brimming with excitement for all future opportunities in the Year of the Rabbit!

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