Star Mandarin Summer School 2023: A look back... 

From 24th - 28th July, the Mandarin Summer School for Children took place, full of STEM activities, Fun Maths and Language and Literature classes delivered by talented teachers... read on to find out how it went!

Teacher Nancy with her students in period dress

Why was the Star Mandarin Summer School created?

The school has always provided opportunities for students, parents and students from the University of Sheffield. The school itself performs two important functions – providing a link to Chinese culture and heritage in Sheffield and allowing children and volunteers from all backgrounds to become accustomed to cultural practices, providing them with new experience opportunities. 

My son was really nervous to begin with but after the first day, he came out beaming and said he had a wonderful time. He really enjoyed the learning and has been singing the Chinese songs at home and teaching them to his sister. It's really broadened his horizons. Definitely recommend.

Hannah Luder-Rosefield

Parent of Summer School student

Students enjoy an activity in Weston Park
Students enjoy an activity in Weston Park

An important objective of the summer school is to encourage children to be interested in Chinese. Despite the increasing importance of the Chinese language, particularly in the near future, there is still a lack of comprehensive learning and teaching within schools.. Our summer school is a platform for students to sample what Mandarin Chinese learning is like, for potential study at our Star Mandarin school when the next semester begins in September... the beginning of a Mandarin learning journey!

Mandarin Chinese classes 

I am so proud of all the children who took part in this year's Summer school, no matter how young or old, they came with a big smile every day and put great effort into all the tasks they were asked to complete. They brought happiness and enjoyment to everyone..

Nancy Guo 

Mandarin Summer School teacher

Fun introduction to Mandarin Chinese Class

These classes were taught by Nancy Guo, an experienced teacher of Mandarin who has taught at the Star Mandarin school for years. Her focus is presenting Mandarin Chinese to children in a fun and engaging way – and this really came across in her teaching demonstration at the end of the course! 

Singing and poetry recitation 

It’s very important that the children have context for their learning. We do this through fun, engaging exercises, such as learning and singing songs and memorising poems for recitation. At the end, the students showcased what they had learned and the parents were delighted. 

SM Summer school presentation

Calligraphy practice 

The mystery of Chinese characters and Chinese calligraphy is very enticing to people across the globe. Allowing students to learn, understand and practise Chinese characters and to feel the art of calligraphy provides a priceless understanding of a completely new world. 

Our older students produced a stage play taken from the Chinese play, Butterfly Lovers, commonly known  as the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. The students dressed in Chinese period dress and produced their own dialogue which was performed to the crowd in Chinese.

STEM Class - Engineering and Technology 

The children did an excellent job with the various STEM and maths activities. They showed great problem solving and team working skills and rounded it off with a brilliant presentation!

Sagar Simkhada

Mandarin Summer School teacher 

STEM classes have grown in popularity in recent years so we incorporate them into our summer school. Our talented STEM teacher, Sagar Simkhada, taught the students a variety of fascinating topics and activities.

Paper roller coaster activity 

Sagar led the students through workshops to discuss and design a special paper roller coaster project, which was presented to parents at the end of the week. This taught the children about the physics behind the idea, and the concepts of gravity and kinetic energy. 

Teacher Sagar Simkhada teaches his class
Teacher Sagar Simkhada teaches his class

Electrical circuits on decorative card

The students dazzled their parents with their electrical circuit displays during their final presentation. Students took part in a series of activities to build a circuit board and to design the card so the lights on the circuit lit up in a decorative display. 

Light circuit demonstration
Light circuit demonstration

STEM Class - Science and Biology

Our second STEM teacher, Evie Woods, took the students on a journey through the anatomy of the brain,our digestive systems and growth anatomy. During the final presentation, students recounted their knowledge about our biological processes – perhaps a few future doctors in the making?

Students learn about our anatomy
Students learn about our anatomy

My children really enjoyed their week of summer school. The lessons were diverse and interesting and they especially enjoyed the STEM activities, a subject area that tends to be lacking on other summer camps.


Parent of Summer School student

The learning journey is only just beginning…

Now that the summer school has come to a close, it’s time to think about our next big milestone for the young learners of the Sheffield Confucius Institute and the University of Sheffield – the Star Mandarin School. Classes start from 16th September, taking place on weekends, delivered both in-person (Bartolome House) and online. are a number of courses to choose – from primary and secondary maths to Mandarin and arts classes. Find out more and to book your child’s place, please click the following link:

Find out more and book your place!

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