2 December 2021

Employment related COVID-19 exposure risk among disabled people in the UK

Research from the Department of Economics provides new evidence about the work-related exposure of disabled people to COVID-19.

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Research by Dr Andrew BryceDr Mark Bryan and Professor Jennifer Roberts, published in the online journal 'Social Science and Medicine - Population Health', provides new evidence on how disabled people in the UK have been disproportionately exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace. Throughout the pandemic, disabled people have been less likely to work from home and more likely to be working outside the home in occupations with high risk of disease exposure and physical proximity to others. This is despite the fact that disabled people are more likely to be clinically vulnerable than non-disabled people. This research highlights the need for inclusive and protective workplaces to enable disabled people to access employment safely. 

Read the open access article:

Employment related COVID-19 exposure risk among disabled people in the UK

This evidence forms part of the team's 3-year research project funded by the Health Foundation “The causal impact of health status on labour market outcomes: consequences for individuals and households.”

Find out more about their funded project:

The impact of health on work

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