Dongzhe Zhang

Department of Economics

PhD Student

Dongzhe Zhang profile

Dongzhe graduated from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, China in 2016. He then completed his MSc with a distinction in the Economics Department at the University of Sheffield. His research project title is Comparative Advantage and Quality with Heterogeneous Firms. This projects focuses on the relationship between comparative advantage and firms' quality choice. Through establishing a theoretical model, it predicts different responses over product quality across heterogeneous firms and industries when trade opens. It further provides supporting evidence from China.

Research interests

My current research covers several topics, including firms' product quality in international trade, productivity and foreign direct investment.

The working paper: {An Event Study of the Impact of Foreign Acquisition on Firm Performance: Diverse, Non-diverse, and Exporting Strategies Matter (joint with Jen-Chung Mei, Yifei Cao and Minghai Zhou)}{This paper is currently under review in the Journal of International Economics}

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