Nursing and Midwifery research students

Current postgraduate research students in Nursing and Midwifery.


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Alatawi, Nuha Dr C Gardiner
Prof J Seymour
The effect of palliative care consultation focused on signs and symptoms, pain and comfort on quality of life in end stage renal disease patient
Alghamdi, Fahad Dr T Ryan
Dr F Wilson
Implementing a Fall Prevention Program for the Elderly in a Hospital Environment
Alquarashi, Turki Dr P Ali
Dr S Hinchliff
Intimate Partner Violence in Saudi Arabia
Althobaiti, Fahad Professor Tracey Moore, Dr Tony Ryan Nursing leadership and Management.


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Bird, Joanne Professor M Nolan, Professor A Tod, 
Dr S Danson
Understanding the experiences and support needs of patients with melanoma and their carers. A longitudinal grounded theory study
Bolton, Louise Professor J Seymour
Dr C Gardiner
A co-created educational intervention to assist registered nurses in facilitating coping for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the end of life.
Bulut, Hatice Dr S Hinchliff, 
Dr P Ali, Dr H Piercy
A Qualitative Study of the Perception of Sexuality of Postmenopausal Women, an Analysis of their Sexual Problems and the Evaluation of the Relationship between These Two Factors


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Catalbas, Meltem Professor P Curtis, Dr J Thompson, 
Dr H Fairbrother
Child migrant health in Turkey
Chambers, Eleni Dr C Gardiner, 
Dr J Thompson,
Professor J Seymour 
Patient and carer involvement in palliative care research


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Ejegi-Memeh, Stephanie Dr S Hinchliff, 
Dr M Johnson
Baby Boomer women with Type 2 diabetes: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of their sexual communication experiences in primary care


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Fisher, Joanne Professor P Curtis,
Dr S Hinchliff
How is sexuality experienced and expressed before and after birth by young, first -time mothers
Fox, Andrea Dr T Ryan
Dr M Winslow
Oral history and patients with renal disease


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Kirkcaldy, Andrew Dr H Fairbrother,
Professor P Curtis,
Dr K Weiner
Young people and E-cigarettes.
Kirton, Jennifer Professor M Nolan,
Dr J Thompson
A study exploring the lived experiences of adults diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and their 'carers' through their own narrative video accounts


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Riley, Anna Dr S Robertson
Prof A Tod
Ms R King
An ethnographic study to assess the utility and impact of Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Surgical Ambulatory Care settings


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Sherborne, Virginia Prof A Tod
Dr B Taylor
Prof J Seymour
Understanding the experience and impact of mesothelioma in armed forces personnel / veterans (impact to patients, families and wider society)
Smith, Sam Dr A Ryan, 
Dr M Winslow, 
Dr J McKeown
Understanding the impact of oral history with people in palliative care or with life-limiting illness and the impact of sharing personal end of life stories


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Talpur, Ashfaque Dr A Ryan, 
Dr S Hinchliff
Growing Old in a Foreign Country: A Grounded Theory study on the Interpretations of (mis)-Treatment of Older People in South Asian Communities
Tinkler, Linda Prof A Tod
Dr S Robertson
Leadership and the perceptions, motivators and behaviours that impact on practice and experiences in clinical research nursing.
Thongkaew, Punyawadee Dr S Hinchliff, 
Dr P Ali
Proposed mixed methods study exploring intimate partner violence and pregnant young women in Thailand


Name Supervisor(s) Title/scope of research Email
Varga, Sarah Prof. J Seymour,
Prof T Ryan, 
Prof T Moore
Exploring the variations in practice for the management of a sedated ICU patient between Australia and the UK