Dr Pamela Abbott

Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

BSc (University of the West Indies), MMath (Waterloo, Canada), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)




+44 (0)114 222 2669

Regent Court 225

My current research interests can be summarised in the following areas:

Global Sourcing

  • location of outsourced work (as influenced by geography, culture, economic and non-economic factors related to location)
  • knowledge processes, collaboration and innovation in global sourcing arrangements
  • distributed collaborative work and the relationship with time, space and knowledge/cultural boundaries
  • sustainable sourcing

ICTs and Development

  • sustainability of ICT interventions in developing countries
  • sustainable e-infrastructure development in the African subcontinent


  • transformative potential of ICTs in various work situations e.g. hospital discharge processes
  • e-health interventions and personalisation of healthcare as it relates to wellbeing enhancement
  • passing interest in cybersocial issues such as privacy and security in online and integrated ICT-enabled interactions

Current PhD Students

Jihad Al Wahshi: Data Analysis for Business Intelligence: A Critical Evaluation of the role of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis in Money Laundering and Fraud Detections in Oman Banking Industry

Lily Sepulveda Garcia: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Informal Caregivers use of Assistive Technologies to care for people with dementia at home

Elijah Chirwa: An Examination on the impact of digital disruptive innovations on central banks and formulating a strategy for the digital age

David Pinto: Self-Discipline System