The Henry Royce Institute is the UK national centre for research and innovation of advanced materials. This collaboration between world-leading researchers and world-leading companies will see real solutions, driven by research and making a fundamental difference to the UK economy.

The Royce Institute

A focal point, nationally and internationally, for people to come and learn about materials science and develop it into a major economic force.

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State-of-the-art equipment is used to develop new materials and processing techniques, and prove their application to industry.

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Delivering a step change in the discovery and making of new material systems and processing.

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Royce Discovery Centre

Taking materials and processing concepts through analysis and experimentation to prove feasibility and application.

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Artists impression of the Royce Discovery Centre
Image of the Royce Translational Centre

Royce Translational Centre

Evolving novel materials and processes to make them accessible for trial by industry.

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