Royce Translational Centre

Image of the Royce Translational CentreThe Royce Translational Centre (RTC) has been set up to evolve novel materials and processing techniques developed by research teams and make them accessible for trial by industry.

We are giving companies the opportunity to investigate the feasibility of investigating new technologies for their business without the need to invest in capital equipment.

Businesses operating in the manufacturing and engineering supply and value chain will be able to assess the emerging technologies, make a measured assessment of the applicability of, and threats to, their existing markets that these advances present and drive specific research activities that have a direct benefit to them.

For some, this opens up R&D options that would previously have been inaccessible. For others, the facility enables them to perform speculative research so that in-house research facilities can remain focused on processes that are closer to market.

Once proven, companies can invest in these manufacturing processes with the confidence that they will add value to their business and their customers.

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