Effect of residual stresses and microstructures of ring rolling process on bearing raceway failures
Supervisor: Dr Hui Long

Recent development of ring rolling technology has demonstrated a great potential for cost effective and quality manufacturing of large scale bearing raceways. Understanding of residual stresses and microstructure evolution during ring rolling process is of great importance for large scale bearing raceways requiring high performance and high reliability in applications, such as in wind turbines.

This project will investigate microstructural evolution and residual stresses occurring during ring rolling process of bearing raceways by developing Finite Element simulation models. Key process control variables will be investigated to achieve the required ring profile precision and dimensional accuracy as well as microstructures. Effects of bearing raceway size, perform design, and deformation ratio of ring rolling processes will also be studied thus the scaling effect can be evaluated. Small scale ring specimens will be designed and manufactured by ring rolling processes for carrying out rolling contact fatigue (RCF) tests to investigate effects of residual stresses and microstructures on subsurface initiated damages of bearing steel, considering key factors affecting RCF. The findings of the project will provide guidance for future design of ring rolling processes of large scale bearing raceways.

For further information please contact Dr Hui Long on h.long@sheffield.ac.uk

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