Study of acoustic performance of novel thermo-acoustic pipe insulation at low temperatures
Supervisors: Dr Anton Krynkin & Professor Kiril Horoshenkov

The aim of this project is to develop and study the thermo-acoustical performance of insulation systems for applications in extreme (cryogenic and hot) temperature environments and develop compact solution. This project will involve development of novel and nonconventional acoustical materials, experimental and theoretical material characterisation, development of laboratory vibro-acoustical methods and new industrial standards, and tests to confirm insulation in-situ performance. It is believed that the optimal performance can be achieved through the introduction of the gradient material parameters and periodically enhanced material properties.

This project is supported by the leading supplier of acoustic and thermal insulation material in petrochemical industry. The student will join a team of other researchers working on acoustic problems within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The research group is part of the European network of researchers with the interest in developments and applications of structured materials (metamaterials) which activities have been recently supported by the European funding programme COST ( As a PhD student, candidate will directly benefit from participation in conferences, training schools and collaboration with European researchers within the next three years.

Applicants should have a good MEng (or BEng/BSc or MSc) degree in an appropriate discipline. This may include one of the following disciplines: mechanics, civil engineering, material science, mathematics, applied mathematics and physics. The project will be supervised by Dr Anton Krynkin and Prof. Kirill Horoshenkov.

Please contact Dr Anton Krynkin directly for further information:
Tel.: 01142227847
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