Machining of Fibre Composites
Supervisor: Dr Christophe Pinna

Fibre reinforced polymer composites offer a very high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. As a result, the aerospace industry is increasing the amount of composites in various components and structures. However, machining of these materials is one of the most difficult and least understood areas in manufacturing technology and active research into this field is therefore required.

This project aims to develop advanced physically-based models of the machining of fibre composites by linking the scale of of the fibres and plies to that of the laminate and predicting the machinability of the composite through the simulation of the various damage processes operating through the length scales.

Novel experimental procedures based on techniques pioneered at the University of Sheffield will be developed to inform the progress of the model at the various scales. The project will also benefit from strong links with the world-renowned Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, aiding implementation of the research work.

Previous experience / requirements: Finite element modelling, Composites, Fracture mechanics
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