Public Outreach Events

Sheffield philosophers don't live in an ivory tower.  We are engaged in the local community in many ways.  Here are some examples.

Philosophy in the City logo

Philosophy in the City

An award-winning outreach programme run entirely by students in the Department.

Philosophy at the Showroom

A series of films with a talk by a member of staff, and a related book series, all at the local cinema.

Essay Prize Competition

For pupils in years 10 to 12.

Teachers' Conference

For anyone teaching philosophy at A-level.

Photo of Sheffield Cathedral

God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics

A series of interdisciplinary talks at Sheffield Cathedral, intended for a general audience. The series will consider the relation between religious thinking and traditions on the one hand, and ethics on the other.

Thought Experiment logo

Thought Experiment Competition

Open to all UK children aged up to 15 years.