News archive: 2004-2015

Date Title
Sept 2015 Grant Success for Dr Megan Freeth and Chloe Lane
August 2015 Jessica Ennis-Hill wins Worlds Championship heptathlon gold in Beijing
August 2015 MRC Grant Success for Dr Richard Rowe
August 2015 Dr Thompson contributes to the development of The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) new website which provides support to people distressed by skin conditions (
July 2015 THET Grant Success for Dr Andrew Thompson
June 2015 Psychology PhD Student, Emily Collins wins the 'Three minute Thesis Final'
June 2015 "Children with good memories tell better porkies" Research by Dr Elena Hoicka
April 2015 Department of Psychology receives Athena Swan bronze award - click here to view the full application
April 2015 Grant success for our Neuroscience group
March 2015 Me, myself and iCub: Meet the robot with a self
January 2015 Dr Jane Herbert's current research is featured on BBC News
January 2015 Dr Stephen Perrin (former Psychology PhD student) receives MBE in New Year's Honours list for his services to the Cinema Industry.
December 2014 MRC Grant Success for Dr Jason Berwick and other members of the Neuroscience Group - "Investigating the thermoregulatory role of neurovascular coupling and the anti-epileptogenic and neuroprotective effects of focal cerebral cooling"
October 2014 Danielle Matthews has received substantial funding from ESRC as part of a project entitled “How to promote children's language development using family-based shared book reading” (total value: £1.2M).
September 2014 "Brains get sick too":  How Neuroscience can teach children about mental health:  PhD researcher, Rebecca Slack's article is published in the Independent
August 2014 Psychology 2nd Year Undergraduate, Katrina Bennett awarded 'Best Presentation' during the SURE Scheme
August 2014 Psychology 3rd Year Undergraduate, William Frostick awarded 'Best Presentation' at the Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College in Thessaloniki, Spring Symposium
July 2014 Graduating student becomes first in UK to capture the moment using Google Glass
July 2014 Forget the carrots, it's whiskers you need!
April 2014 Abby Dickinson secures Faculty funding for Sheffield Autism Research Lab
March 2014 Elizabeth Kirkham wins Access to Understanding 2014
March 2014 Dr Megan Freeth has been awarded Faculty funding to develop materials and activities to explain brain imaging to younger people
March 2014 British Academy award to Dr Yanjing Wu
March 2014 Dr Chris Martin renews his Royal Society University Research Fellowship until October 2017
March 2014 British Academy award to Dr Danielle Matthews
24 February 2014 Grant award from METRC and supported by Galderma to Thompson, Millings and Lavda
18 December 2013 Department of Psychology to have Artist-in-Residence in 2014
18 December 2013 "Bias and Blame: Do Moral Interactions Modulate the Expression of Implicit Bias?" awarded to the University of Nottingham (£220,608 over 36 months). The project is led by Jules Holroyd (Nottingham) with Tom Stafford (Sheffield) as co-Investigator.
15 November 2013 Grant award from the European Foundation for Alcohol Research to Norman, Webb and Millings
20 September 2013 Professor Richard Crisp has been appointed to the ESRC Grants Assessment Panel
12 September 2013 MRC Grant Success for Enrico Bracci: "How do nitrergic interneurons control corticostriatal communication?"
03 September 2013 EU Funding success for Kevin Gurney: "'NoTremor' - Virtual, Physiological and Computational Neuromuscular Models for the Predictive Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease"
30 August 2013 Grant Success for Chris Jones, worth £326k as part of the ESRC Retail Knowledge Exchange Initiative
16 August 2013 Grant success for Dr Millings: "Applying relationships science to contemporary interventions"
16 August 2013 Grant success for Drs Lavda, Millings and Thompson: "Can attachment style predict coping and success of coping-based interventions in people with skin conditions?"
13 August 2013 Dr Elizabeth Milne awarded UnLtd Social Entrepreneurship Award
12 July 2013 Nancy Brown wins 301 Skills hub competition
09 July 2013 Kendra Arkley wins EPSRC fellowship
03 July 2013 Dr Ben Harkin awarded ESRC Future Research Leaders Grant
19 June 2013 Dr Andrew Thompson discusses Vitiligo on Radio 4
15 June 2013 Dr Andrew Thompson appointed as Special Advisor
23 May 2013 Watch Graham Turpin's Shapiro Lecture
08 March 2013 Jessica Ennis awarded CBE at Buckingham Palace
13 February 2013 Sheffield Professor of Psychology wins prestigious biennial mid-career prize
11 January 2013 Prof Graham Turpin receives M B Shapiro award
17 September 2012 Dr Danielle Matthews talks on BBC Radio Sheffield about Child Development study
04 September 2012 Review of psychological interventions for skin conditions produced by CPU staff featured in the media
29 August 2012 Megan Freeth to star in Festival of the Mind event "Magic of the Mind"
06 August 2012 Jessica Ennis, graduate of the Department of Psychology wins gold
17 July 2012 Congratulations to our Psychology Graduates
28 June 2012 University of Sheffield has best student accommodation in UK
02 May 2012 Professor Pauline Slade appointed an Academician of the The Academy of Social Sciences
04 April 2012 Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology project voted most resusable
02 April 2012 Seminar in Memory of Prof Michael Siegal - Friday 18th May 2012
02 April 2012 Tony Prescott and Pete Redgrave win Weizmann-UK joint programme grant
06 March 2012 Nuffield Grant awarded to Danielle Matthews
28 February 2012 Two IAPT grants awarded to Dr Stephen Kellett
27 February 2012 6 new academic posts in Psychology
22 February 2012 Professor Michael Siegal 1950-2012
20 February 2012 Pupils learn study tips from Departmental research student
17 February 2012 Read our latest Departmental Newsletters
17 February 2012 Students complete the National Student Survey (NSS)
6 February 2012 Paul Overton and Tom Stafford awarded Children's Hospital Charity Research Funding
16 January 2012 Announcing the new Psychology Energy and Environment Team (PEET)
19 December 2011 Climate change, disasters and psychological response in Bangladesh
19 December 2011 Paul Norman wins £486K MRC grant
26 October 2011 Andrew Thompson has been awarded £36,314 from JISC
23 September 2011 Welcome to our new students!
22 August 2011 Telegraph names Sheffield top for employability
2 August 2011 Two departmental postgrads win post-doctoral awards
18 July 2011 Tom Webb wins ERC Starting Grant
04 July 2011 Successful research bid to look at Incapacity Benefit Reform and Return to Work
31 May 2011 IAPT team wins University senate teaching award
23 May 2011 Department's 2011 postgraduate conference a great success
18 May 2011 Tony Prescott and Tom Stafford win EPSRC "Proof of Concept" grant
18 May 2011 Research finds that diversity for infants crucial for social cohesion
13 May 2011 Taught postgraduate bursaries
21 April 2011 How to send a public health warning
06 April 2011 MRC grant success for Jason Berwick (PI), Myles Jones, Aneurin Kennerley, Ying Zheng, John Mayhew and Peter Redgrave
06 April 2011 £1.2M EPSRC grant awarded to John Porrill Paul Dean and Tony Prescott
06 April 2011 Dr Christopher Jones awarded grant for research into Public Attitudes towards Carbon Capture and Storage in the US and Canada
23 March 2011 Danielle Matthews awarded British Academy award
17 March 2011 Sheffield team win major MRC research grant
21 December 2010 Discovery Channel features departmental research on touch in animals and robots
23 November 2010 Department's research brings cure for Parkinson's disease a step closer
23 November 2010 Pete Redrave and Paul Overton win Wellcome Trust grant
23 November 2010 Wellcome Trust Grant:Jason Berwick (PI), Paul Overton, Aneurin Kennerley & Peter Redgrave
11 October 2010 Prof Kevin Gurney wins EPSRC grant
11 October 2010 Aneurin Kennerley wins Astra Zeneca Prize for innovative work on in-vivo MRI
11 October 2010 Megan Freeth ESRC training bursary success
11 August 2010 FP7 Grant success for Tony Prescott (PI), Kevin Gurney, John Porrill and Charles Fox
10 August 2010 John Porrill & Paul Dean win EU FP7 grant
10 August 2010 Danielle Matthews wins British Academy Seminar Award
26 May 2010 Dr Megan Freeth wins Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship
25 May 2010 National Student Survey and Research Assessment Exercise
25 May 2010 Department Success in gaining Wellcome VIP Bridging Awards
04 November 2009 Investigating strategies for environmental learning in typical and atypical development
10 September 2009 Dr Peter Harris to give talk at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Washington DC
17 August 2009 Department Graduate wins Heptathlon Gold
18 June 2009 Class of 2009 Photo Now Available
17 June 2009 Professor Bob Hockey wins Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship
26 May 2009 Teaching Synthetic Psychology with Lego Robots
11 May 2009 Departmental Postgraduate Receives Award from Universities' Excellence Exchange Scheme
30 March 2009 Reappraising the 'idiot box' – how TV can help young children learn
02 March 2009 Student Hwan-Cui Koh receives grant from the International Society for Autism Research
03 February 2009 Peter Harris & Paschal Sheeran awarded grant to study behaviour changes related to risk
19 January 2009 Psychology Department Gains Excellent Ratings in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise
12 January 2009 Myles Jones to speak at Harvard Medical School
30 October 2008 Developmental Psychology Group Awarded Grant
06 October 2008 Volcanic impact study to come to Department
14 August 2008 Annie Spiers awarded an MBE for her youth work
11 August 2008 Sarah Payne Wins International Best Young Researcher Award
21 July 2008 Department Professor selected for prestigious new roles
21 July 2008 Departmental Researchers receive funding boost for robot learning project
04 July 2008 Dr Andrew Thompson has been awarded a grant from Sheffield Hospital Charitable Trust
19 June 2008 Jane Herbert awarded two-year grant for premature infant cognitive development project
19 June 2008 Chris Eiser and Richard Rowe awarded grant for two-year quality of life project
02 June 2008 Myles Jones collects £4000 award on behalf of the Department of Psychology
27 May 2008 Peter Harris and collaborators awarded 3 year grant for risk processing investigation
08 March 2008 ABCD research group open day
08 March 2008 Department of Transport funds £150,000 driving attitudes and behaviour improvement study
17 December 2007 American Psychological Association Monitor picks up Christine Sprigg's article
20 November 2007 Congratulations to Hwan-Cui Koh for winning a BPS Postgraduate Study Visit Award
30 October 2007 Christine Sprigg wins a British Council Researcher Exchange Programme award
22 October 2007 Christine Sprigg and Chris Armitage awarded £97,000 for employee well-being project
24 July 2007 Grant awarded to develop 'artificial touch' technology
28 June 2007 Grant award to Prof. J. Richard Eiser
29 May 2007 Dr Elizabeth Milne awarded Worldwide Universities Network Award
01 May 2007 Grant success for Olivier Pascalis
17 April 2007 ESRC 1+ 3 Quota awards
24 October 2006 Grant success for Jon May and Jackie Andrade
04 October 2006 Multi-university team wins contract to evaluate two government funded trials
28 September 2006 Jane Herbert and Mark Blades awarded £100,000 from the ESRC for a two year project
18 August 2006 Psychology student on track to success
01 August 2006 Department wins three awards in this year's ESRC +3 open competition
01 August 2006 Dr. Paul Overton and Prof. Peter Redgrave win £305,000 grant from the BBSRC
27 July 2006 Prof. Pauline Slade awarded £15,000 to set up research network
26 July 2006 Class of 2006 Photographs Now Available
28 June 2006 Dr. Liz Milne wins £90k grant from ESRC
27 June 2006 Dr Olivier Pascalis wins $120,000 grant from NAAR-Autism Speaks
23 June 2006 Christine Sprigg awarded a NESTA Award and conference bursary
16 June 2006 Prof. Dick Eiser wins share of £1m grant
12 May 2006 Professor Chris Eiser wins a £30,000 research grant for development and evaluation project
03 May 2006 Department announces four more fully funded postgraduate opportunities
03 April 2006 Helen Waller wins Diabetes UK Education Award 2006
28 March 2006 Dr Peter Harris awarded an ESRC Travel Fellowship to visit University of British Columbia
22 March 2006 Commonwealth Bronze medal for student Jessica Ennis
21 March 2006 ABRG members Kevin Gurney and Paul Overton win £190K EPSRC grant
16 February 2006 Dr. Myles Jones wins £232k MRC New investigator award
01 October 2005 Andrade and May craving study funded
20 September 2005 €870,000 grant to ABRG
09 September 2005 Spencer & Blades new book published
09 May 2005 New generation of robots to make decisions like humans
23 February 2005 NESTA Crucible award to Christine Sprigg
20 December 2004 £239,676 EPSRC grant for CTMG group
01 December 2004 Angela Fawcett new Vice-president of BDA
29 November 2004 Stem cells could prevent world's leading cause of blindness
30 September 2004 IWP and the MSc Occ Psy reach the parts...
20 September 2004 Staff Comings and Goings
10 January 2004 £711,000 EPSRC grant for ABRG Group