03 April 2006

Helen Waller wins Diabetes UK Education Award 2006

PhD student Helen Waller has won the Diabetes UK Education Award 2006, which is 'for outstanding contribution to the evaluation of education in diabetes care'. The research, in collaboration with the Sheffield Children's Hospital, involved developing a novel approach to educating young people with diabetes about their disease and its treatment, so as to enable them to lead more normal lives. The evaluation forms the basis of Helen's PhD thesis.

The award was presented jointly to Helen Waller, Julie Knowles, Chris Eiser, Elaine Millard, Simon Heller and Katherine Price for their work on a structured education programme for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes called the KICk-OFF (kids in control of food) course. The course teaches children the skills of insulin dose adjustment and carbohydrate counting to allow dietary freedom, rather than eating around their diabetes. The pilot study of the course found significant improvements in quality of life, satisfaction with diabetes treatment and self-efficacy on both child and parent reports, 6-months after completing the course. Glycaemic control in those with poor control at baseline also improved at 6-months post-course.