19 June 2008

Chris Eiser and Richard Rowe awarded grant for two-year quality of life project

Chris Eiser and Richard Rowe have been awarded a grant from Weston Park Hospital Cancer Appeal for a two-year project entitled "Smoking and quality of life after cancer diagnosis." The grant is c. £160,000 (the exact amount is not yet finalised). A brief abstract of the research is below:

Title: Smoking and quality of life after cancer diagnosis

Investigators: Danson S, Eiser C, Woll P, Rowe R, Wadsley J.

Abstract: Smoking is the principal cause of lung cancer (LC), and patients who smoke have poorer quality of life (QOL) and prognosis than those who never smoked or quit smoking. As publicity about smoking and cancer becomes increasingly acknowledged, patients and their families may feel guilty and pessimistic about the outcome, and this may compromise their adherence with medical advice and treatment. Interventions to reduce smoking after diagnosis in this patient group are necessary to improve patient QOL. We aim to investigate smoking, QOL and behaviour in patients with LC and compare to those described in patients with colorectal cancer (CC) using interviews in a small number and questionnaires in all.