06 October 2008

Volcanic impact study to come to Department

Professor Dick Eiser has won a European Research Council Advanced Grant in collaboration with Professor Steve Sparks, Deptartment of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol (PI) for a 5 year project entitled: "Dynamics of volcanoes and their impact on the environment and society". The grant is for €2.44m of which approximately €150K will come to Sheffield for research relating to risk perception and communication. An extract from the introduction is below:

"The first topic is fundamental science aimed at understanding how processes inside the Earth govern how volcanoes behave. The second topic aims to assess global risk from volcanism... The project will develop innovative methods to assess risk and to communicate the risk to decisions and communities during volcanic emergencies... Risk perception is a key determinant of how people respond to warnings and threats, and so part of the proposed research is to understand how populations respond to volcanic phenomena and warnings given by scientists based on forecasts and hazard assessments..."