6th April 2011

Dr Christopher Jones awarded grant for research into Public Attitudes towards Carbon Capture and Storage in the US and Canada

Dr. Christopher Jones (c.r.jones@shef.ac.uk; 0114 222 6592)

Funded by: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Funding duration: 03/11 – 03/12
Funding amount: $120,000 (approx. £80,000)

Project Details

Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS) technologies are seen by many to be an important means of mitigating carbon emissions from industrial processes, including power generation. CCS is yet to be proven on a commercial scale and, as such, power companies worldwide are presently investing heavily in demonstration projects. However, while proving the economic and technical viability of the process is clearly fundamental, another key component in ensuring the future roll-out of such technologies will be gaining public acceptance for them; as it is the general public (and in particular the residents of communities earmarked to house such development) who, in many ways, will determine whether (or at least how quickly) projects gain planning approval.

This project (through a mixture of qualitative focus groups and interviews) will focus on learning more about the public opinion within three communities in North America (1 in Canada; 2 in the US) where there are demonstrations of CCS either planned or ongoing. In particular this research will investigate how successful or unsuccessful the public outreach programmes of the power stations involved in the demonstrations have been in allaying concerns and fostering support and acceptance for the developments.