6th April 2011

£1.2M EPSRC grant awarded to John Porrill, Paul Dean and Tony Prescott

John Porrill (PI), Paul Dean, Tony Prescott, and Sean Anderson from ACSE, together with a team from Bristol Robotics Lab, have been awarded a grant of ~£1.2M (~£580,000 to Sheffield) for "Bioinspired control of electro-active polymers for next generation soft robots".

The aim is to develop a mobile robot, with ‘soft’ whisker sensors and an artificial muscle-actuated ‘eye' which will have a high degree of integrated function arising from continuous cerebellar monitoring and prediction of its sensory and motor states. This robust functionality will give the demonstrator a very lifelike appearance in its interaction with the world.

The project will start in 2011 and run for three years.