18th May 2011

Tony Prescott and Tom Stafford win EPSRC "Proof of Concept" grant

Tony Prescott and Tom Stafford, assisted by Ben Mitchinson, have won a £50,000 EPSRC "Proof of Concept" grant for their project "A Wearable Active Sensing Device Using Tactile Displays". The project has been developed in collaboration with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and will pay for a Research Assistant, for a year, and 1 year of post-doctoral support, to work on the developing the device.

This project will develop a wearable “active sensing” device that will equip users with a form of “remote touch” by using artificial distance sensors, such as ultrasound, to stimulate tactile stimulators (vibrating pads) placed against the surface of the head. This device could lead to the development of enhanced mobility and safety systems for the emergency services, workers in hazardous environments, military or security personnel, the visually-impaired, and people engaged in recreational activities such as cycling or pot-holing. The project, which is in collaboration with the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service (SYFR), will initially develop an enhanced safety helmet to assist fire-fighters in exploring burning buildings.