17th July 2013

Kendra Arkley wins EPSRC fellowship

Kendra Arkley has won an EPSRC fellowship to continue her PhD research. The project is titled "Sensory-motor relationships during vibrissal sensing and locomotion". The abstract is as follows:

As highlighted by the research carried out during my PhD, animals actively and consciously alter the movements of their whiskers during different modes of locomotion. During the fellowship I wish to explore this sensory-motor relationship further by investigating two key problems. The first is concerned with the contribution of single neurons and neuronal populations to observed whisking and locomotion behaviour, and the second with the detailed biomechanical components of movement adopted during different modes of locomotion (e.g. during running, jumping and climbing), and different whisking strategies. To accomplish this, alongside the ATL@S group in Sheffield, I will collaborate with Karel Svoboda at the Janelia Farm Research Campus, world leaders in somatosensation (touch) research.