August 2015

Dr Thompson contributes to the development of The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) new website which provides support to people distressed by skin conditions (

The website brings together, and links to, patient information leaflets, support groups, self-help materials and help-lines.  Many of the self-help materials have been developed and tested here in Sheffield.

Dr Andrew Thompson was a member of the advisory panel associated with the development of the website. Dr Thompson said in the BAD press release that: “Skin conditions can have a significant psychological impact on people and it is well acknowledged that access to psychological intervention and even to good quality evidence based self-help is limited. Consequently the Skin Support project is an important development as it is unique in providing people with skin conditions with information about emotional and social issues associated with dermatological conditions. People visiting the site can also download self-help materials that have been written by qualified clinicians, such as myself, and have been either tested in the NHS or in research. We also hope that the site will encourage people to seek further help from their GP or Dermatologist if needed”