Title: Rapid evidence review: Digital interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm

Funding body: Alcohol Change UK

Funding Awarded: £19,985

PI: Professor. Matt Field

CI(s): Dr Fiona Campbell, Dr Emma Hock, Dr Ruth Wong (SCHARR)

Project summary
Digital interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm include interventions delivered via the Internet, text-messaging, and mobile phone ‘apps’. A recent Cochrane review concluded that such interventions produce robust effects on alcohol consumption with comparable effect sizes to those obtained from face-to-face interventions. In this project we will conduct a horizon scanning review of the published and grey literature to address the following aims: (1) To identify and describe innovations and newly emerging digital interventions that can be used to reduce alcohol related harm; (2) To consider how these compare with existing digital interventions; (3) To identify potential gaps in the types of digital interventions that are being developed or subjected to rigorous evaluation.