Guidance on short term Data Management

This is a guide to keeping your documents and files safe over the short term whilst studying at the University of Sheffield. It is not a definitive guide and nor is it intended to provide guidance on long term archiving. Also it is not a guide to confidentiality, the Data Protection Act or anonymising personal data. It is purely about data security and preservation over the short term.

Think about what’s the worst that could happen to your documents and files? Your house could burn down, your laptop might get stolen, your hard drive melt or you sit on your memory stick! This guide is intended to help ensure you don’t lose the actual files and documents themselves over and above the media they were stored on.

Good practice suggests that you should have copies of your important files in three separate locations. Often this means a copy at home on your laptop, a copy at work or on campus and a nowadays a copy in the cloud. By cloud we mean somewhere like Dropbox or other could based file storage accessed via the internet, e.g. LiveDrive, Mozy, SkyDrive and Live Mesh, Box, Carbonite, Jungle Disk, SpiderOak, SugarSync, Syncplicity and Apples iCloud amongst others.

So when the worst does happen, and it will at least once over your career, you can shrug it off and carry on regardless.