Dr Chantelle Wood

Dr Chantelle Wood

Department of Psychology,
The University of Sheffield,
Floor G, Cathedral Court,
1 Vicar Lane, Sheffield, 
S1 2LT, UK

Tel: (+44) 0114 22 26615
Email: chantelle.wood@sheffield.ac.uk


PhD: University of Western Australia
BSc (Hons): University of Western Australia

Research Interests

I am a social psychologist, with a particular focus on social cognition. My key research interests are in stereotyping and prejudice reduction, and the broader area of social and health behaviour change (particularly interventions such as the question-behaviour effect, and implementation intentions).

Stereotyping and prejudice reduction
I'm  interested in the stereotypes that we hold of both ingroups and outgroups, and how we can reduce some of the negative consequences of holding such stereotypes. For example, I conduct research looking at whether interventions such as imagined contact make beliefs and attitudes towards different social groups more positive. I'm also interested in the effect that stereotyping has on our own behaviour (i.e. stereotype threat).

Social and Health Behaviour Change
I also conduct research aimed at developing behaviour change techniques to promote positive health and social behaviours. My current research focuses on identifying and exploring the cognitive mechanisms underlying the question-behaviour effect. I am also interested in how we can manipulate this effect to increase the magnitude of behaviour change, both in regards to social behaviours (e.g., intergroup behaviour), environmental and health behaviours.

Research Grants

British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant (Aug 2016- Aug 2017; £9927): Optimising blood donation using the Question-Behaviour Effect
University of Sheffield Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching Fund Grant (Feb 2017- Jul 2017; £999): Student engagement with feedback

Teaching and Administration

PSY246 Social, Health and Environmental Psychology
PSY6232 Reviewing Psychological Research

I am the Level 3 Tutor for the Department of Psychology, and the Module Organiser for PSY246, Psy346 and Psy331. I am also on the Psychology Teaching Committee, Equality and Diversity Committee, Research Ethics Committee, and Staff Student Committee.

Current PhD Students

Caroline Treweek: Public Perceptions of Autism
Jose Sepulveda Maldonado: Emotional regulation and Interpersonal/Intergroup relations
Eric Manalastas: Collective action and behaviour change

Previous PhD Students

Dr Tom Hostler (PhD, 2017): Improving prospective memory using emotional cues and implementation intentions. Now at the Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University


A list of key publications can be found below.  For a full list of publications please click here

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