Using the Arts in Teaching and Research Conference

10:30- 17:00 - Tuesday 14 June

The Diamond, The University of Sheffield

Since the 1970s sociology has been using the arts to explore the attitudes, experiences and meanings of social life. From photography and participatory theatre to architectural drawings, a range of different art forms have helped researchers better understand the social world and its development.

In recent years the notion of ‘Visual Sociology’ has gained momentum, with academics increasingly using photography, film and digital media to document everyday life and to disseminate research findings. But sociology’s engagement with the arts does not end there. Academics have been involved in collaborations with dance and drama, and using ‘live art’ to investigate and challenge social norms and values.
The purpose of this one-day event is to bring together those using the arts in their teaching and research and to consider the value of the arts as a tool for exploring the social world, and engaging with students and the wider community.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Nicola Mai, Kingston University London
Dr Egle Rindzeviciute, Kingston University London
Dr Lorna Warren, The University of Sheffield
Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice, The University of Sheffield
Call for Papers:
The BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group invites abstract submissions for this one-day event. Papers should aim to demonstrate how the arts can be employed in data collection, dissemination and/or teaching, and should consider the value of using the arts in sociology.
Practical, innovative and hands-on presentations are particularly welcomed and a wide range of equipment is available, including:
- 25 iPads
- a PL50
- 12 Wacom tablets
- 12 GoPros
- 12 Polaroid Z2300s
- 12 Animation Rostrums
- an Oculus Rift devkit
- Access to 3D printers

Abstract Submission

Please email abstracts of up to 250 words by 29th April 2016 to the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group Convenor, Dr. Katherine Appleford: In the abstract, please include your name, institution, title of presentation, and email address. Abstracts significantly over the word count will not be accepted.

Event Details

The event will take place at Work Room 2, The Diamond, The University of Sheffield and is free to attend. Please register to attend here.

Nearby accommodation is available at: Jury’s Inn, Leopold Hotel, Best Western Hotel.