Professor Gwilym Pryce talks social integration in Harry Potter

Professor Gwilym Pryce is bringing his expertise of analysing inequality and segregation to the magic of Harry Potter, part of the Sheffield Libraries 'Harry Potter: History of Magic' series of events and exhibitions running throughout October and November.

In this unique family friendly event Gwilym will discuss the causes and consequences of social integration and prejudice using the story telling of Harry Potter, in a talk called ‘Mudbloods, Muggles and the Magic of Social Intergration’.

Professor Gwilym Pryce said: “The story of Harry Potter is above all else, about fighting prejudice: the prejudice of muggles against wizards; wizards against muggles; and pure-bloods against half-bloods. I’ll be talking about prejudice and what we can do to win the war against it.”

Gwilym’s talk is on 27th November at The Carpenter Room at the Central Library and is free to attend. Tickets are available to book.