Sheffield Methods Institute launched to improve numeracy skills in Social Sciences

The University of Sheffield has launched a world-class institute to tackle a major shortage of social science graduates with the numerical skills the UK job market is demanding. The Sheffield Methods Institute (SMI) is a specialist centre for research methods training, particularly quantitative methods. The SMI has been launched in response to a nationwide shortage of social science graduates with adequate numerical skills. The Institute is a part of the World-leading Faculty of Social Sciences and will offer two undergraduate degree courses specialising in training quantitative data skills.

Gwilym Pryce, Director of the Sheffield Methods Institute said: “The launch of the Sheffield Methods Institute is imperative to transform skills set of our graduates. Businesses are struggling to find graduates who are highly numerate and can measure and use quantitative data. Examining data is no longer a role for a rare few, it is vital for the growth of the economy to train well rounded graduates equipped with quantitative skills. It is also crucial for the UK research environment to have a grasp of data analysis, if social science genuinely wants to answer the big questions facing society today.”

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SMI Launch