Reflexivity : The Essential Guide by Tim May and Beth Perry 


SMI, Director of Research Professor Tim May has written his latest book on social science research methodology called Reflexivity: The Essential Guide. 

The book released today and co-authored by Beth Perry from the University of Sheffield's Urban Institute, is critical reading for social science researchers, both students and academics alike. The book gets to the heart of reflexivity - the critical examination of how we see the world - and how it is integral to good research practice.

Drawing on his own extensive experience of real research to write the guide, Tim explains how the book “pinpoints the importance of reflexivity in social research and demonstrates its relevance in everyday life, whilst exploring key concepts, questions and issues in an easy to understand format”.

Finally, a sensible, detailed and complex analysis of reflexivity in all its guises. Both intellectually rigorous and practically applicable, this book is essential reading for students across the social sciences."

Karen O'Reilly
Loughborough University

Spanning philosophy and social science, disciplined inquiry and individual reflection and theory and practice, this new work provides an invaluable overview of the key thinkers, ideas and issues involved in the reflexive turn in social inquiry. One marvels at its comprehensiveness, precision, and lucidity. Highly useful for students and established scholars alike.
Mustafa Emirbayer
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reflexivity is published by Sage Publications and is available to buy now.