Confirmed topics and speakers at IOBC-WPRS PR-IR 2021: Priming the future for healthy plants. We plan to carry on with the programme we were building for 2020, and we would like to thank the speakers named on here for their commitment to the new date. We very much appreciate your support.

Introductory speakers

Professor Nicola Spence

Chief Plant Health Officer at DEFRA

Professor Spence profile

Professor Victor Flors

Professor of plant physiology

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Professor Jurriaan Ton

Professor of Plant Environmental Signalling

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Perception and signalling

Dr Martin Heil

Innate immunity, immunogenic self-DNA, mutualism, ant-plant interactions, induced resistance, plant-plant communication, volatiles, nectar, extrafloral nectar

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Dr Christine Faulkner

To be provided

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Professor Dr. Jürgen Zeier

Systemic acquired resistance, defense priming, plant metabolism, N-hydroxypipecolic acid

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Transcriptional control

Dr Andrea Harper

Ash dieback, associative transcriptomics

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Dr Steven Spoel

Keywords to be provided

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Dr Saskia van Wees

Plant immunity, plant hormones, microbes, insects, transcription

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Professor Fumiaki Katagiri

Plant immunity, signaling network, network biology, computational biology

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Cell wall immunity

Professor Antonio Molina

Crop protection, immunity, cell wall, disease resistance, glycans

Professor Molina profile

Dr Christian Voigt

Glucan biosynthesis, cell wall, plant defence, plant-microbe interaction, disease imaging, super-resolution optics

Dr Voigt profile

Epigenetic regulation

Professor Tina Kyndt

Rice, root-knot nematodes, plant defence, epigenetics

Professor Kyndt profile

Dr Melissa Magerøy

Plant defense, molecular biology, plant biochemistry, functional genomics

Dr Magerøy profile

Dr Lionel Navarro

Active DNA demethylation shapes immune responsiveness and ensures proper WRKY-DNA binding at TE boundaries

Dr Navarro profile

Role of soil microbiome in plant immunity

Professor Paola Bonfante

Mycorrhizal fungi, plant microbiota, arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, fungal genomes, endobacteria, omics approaches, chitin, plant responses, plant pathogens

Professor Bonfante profile

Dr Klaus Schlaeppi

Root microbiome, arabidopsis, maize, microbiota feedbacks, root exudates, mycorrhiza

Dr Schlaeppi profile

Dr Sjoerd van der Ent

Translating biological knowledge into efficacious tools for agriculture

Dr van der Ent profile

Tri-trophic interactions

Professor Monika Hilker

Molecular ecology, chemical ecology, plant-insect interactions, multitrophic interactions, plant anti-herbivore defence, insect eggs

Professor Hilker profile

Dr Ainhoa Martínez-Medina

Endophyte, mycorrhiza, plant defence, plant immune system, plant-insect-microbe interactions, priming, trichoderma

Dr Martinez-Medina profile

Phenotyping quantitative disease resistance and induced resistance

Dr Matheus Thomas Kuska

Potential of hyperspectral imaging to detect plant diseases and identify plant resistance responses

Dr Kuska profile

Dr Stephen Rolfe

Priming agents, disease phenotyping, phenomics

Dr Rolfe profile

Past, present and future of induced resistance research

Professor Duncan Cameron

Soil, plants, fungi, symbiotic organisms, microorganisms, mycorrhizal, ecosystems, agriculture, ecology

Professor Cameron profile

Professor Uwe Conrath

Defense priming, induced disease resistance, open chromatin, histones, transcriptional regulation, priming compounds, bifunctional fusion peptides, microgels

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Professor Matthias Erb

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