Emeritus staff

Emeritus Professor is an honorary title, recognising distinguished academic service at the University of Sheffield. This prestigious award and is not conferred lightly. We're proud to have a number of Emeritus Professors here in the Department of Automatic and Control Systems Engineering.


Emeritus Staff

Name Post Email
Allerton, Professor D J Emeritus Professor d.j.allerton@sheffield.ac.uk
Banks, Professor S P Emeritus Professor s.banks@sheffield.ac.uk
Billings, Professor S A Emeritus Professor s.billings@sheffield.ac.uk
Edwards, Professor J B Emeritus Professor j.edwards@sheffield.ac.uk
Fleming, Professor P J Emeritus Professor p.fleming@sheffield.ac.uk
Harrison, Robert F Emeritus Professor r.f.harrison@sheffield.ac.uk
Linkens, Professor D A Emeritus Professor d.linkens@sheffield.ac.uk
Owens, Professor D H Emeritus Professor d.h.owens@sheffield.ac.uk

Undergraduate scholarships

Our department offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries, in addition to the scholarships offered by the University of Sheffield.