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Find out what it's like to study animal and plant sciences at the University of Sheffield

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Undergraduate degrees in Animal and Plant Sciences

Our courses in Biology, Zoology, Ecology and Conservation Biology, and Plant Sciences cover every aspect of life: from cells, genes and evolution, to behaviour and species interactions, to ecosystems and climate change. This breadth gives you the freedom to take a course that’s flexible. You can specialise as much or as little as you like.

Our courses

Biology 500


Explore the full breadth of biology, from cells, genes and physiology through to ecosystems and climate change. You’ll study all scales of biology in microbes, animals, plants, humans and ecosystems to satisfy all of your interests, allowing you to tailor your degree however you like.

Ecology and Conservation Biology 500

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Investigate why ecosystems across the planet that are under threat, and what we can do to save them. You’ll learn about the interactions between humans, animals, plants and the Earth’s atmosphere, covering topics such as biodiversity, climate change and environmental management.

Plant Sciences 500

Plant Sciences

Explore evolution, developmental biology, photosynthesis, sustainability and disease whilst considering the role of plants in solving global food and energy shortages, and developing green technologies.

Zoology 500


Discover animal behaviour and animal ecology - how animals interact with their environment and each other, evolutionary biology - how animals adapt to their environment, and comparative physiology - the functional characteristics of animals.

Entry requirements

BSc courses (except Year Abroad): AAB including biology and another science subject

MBiolSci courses and BSc Biology with a Year Abroad: AAA including biology and another science subject

Don't meet our entry requirements?

International students: Pathway programme

UK students: Biosciences with Foundation Year