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Your undergraduate degree

Your degree in Biology, Ecology and Conservation Biology, Plant Sciences, Zoology or Environmental Science will teach you how life works. From looking in detail at a wide range of organisms and ecosystems, you can help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet, whether it's researching underlying scientific principles, helping to protect endangered species or trying to make sure the world has enough food.

Studying in Animal and Plant Sciences gives you the opportunity to take field courses in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, sub-arctic Sweden or the tropical rainforest in Malaysian Borneo, gaining a wealth of hands-on research experience. The opportunities we offer for work experience, overseas study and advanced research will also help to equip you for careers in industry, research, conservation, ecology and many other areas.

Your course

We teach you how whole organisms work and how they interact with their environments. We do this with modules covering all aspects of biology, from evolution, genetics and reproduction to ecology, sustainability and climate change. Our teaching was rated highly in the last government review and our award-winning lecturers include Professor Tim Birkhead, a UK Bioscience Teacher of the Year.

As well as lectures, tutorials and lab-based practicals, you can develop your scientific skills on field courses in Borneo, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Anglesey and the Peak District. Throughout your course, you'll learn from world-leading experts who are doing the latest research in their fields. In fact, our courses have few required text books because you'll learn more from cutting edge research papers, with new findings that won't be in text books for several years.

Our Biology courses can include a year abroad in the USA, Canada or Australia. Most of our courses can be extended with a year of employment experience between second and third year, or by taking the four year Undergraduate Masters option to get a MBiolSci.

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Your career

The fantastic thing about a degree from Animal and Plant Sciences is the huge number of places it can take you, within science and beyond. Our graduates get a unique insight into world-leading research, and that helps them get jobs on the frontline of scientific discovery. They help solve some of the biggest problems that our planet faces in careers that take them to labs and habitats all over the world.

Our degrees have a practical focus, and you will leave APS with the key skills a professional scientist needs, along with a wide range of other skills and experiences that you can apply to many different careers. Many of our graduates working for charities, environmental bodies, government agencies and the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, in areas including conservation, ecology and research. Others go on to successful careers in teaching, academia, journalism, law and management.

Lots of our graduates stay with us after their degree, to do a two, three or four year piece of research and get a PhD or MPhil research degree. This gives our students the chance to pursue their own academic interests in much greater depth, under the supervision of our team of world-class experts.

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