Animal and Plant Sciences courses

All of our degrees give you cutting-edge training in the theory and practice of whole-organism biology, based on world-leading advances in science. We offer an exceptional range of modules covering the breadth and depth of biological science.

We have four main programmes – Biology, Zoology, Ecology and Conservation Biology, and Plant Sciences – and they all come with lots of options. You might add an extra year of research experience, spend a year abroad, or turn your degree programme into a Degree with Employment Experience.

Biology – BSc, MBiolSci and Year Abroad

UCAS codes: C100 / C109 / C101 / C10C

Breadth, depth and freedom – that’s what makes our Biology courses unique. Our huge range of modules means you can specialise as much or as little as you like.

Zoology – BSc and MBiolSci

UCAS codes: C300 / C309

Zoology spans invertebrates, birds, fish, humans and other mammals: how they evolved, how they behave, and how they respond to global change.

Ecology and Conservation Biology
– BSc and MBiolSci

UCAS codes: C180 / C189

Ecology and Conservation Biology is about the ecosystems across the planet that are under threat, and what we can do to save them.

Plant Sciences
– BSc and MBiolSci

UCAS codes: C200 / C209

Plant Sciences emphasises the central role of plants in the natural world, from fundamental plant biology, to evolution, photosynthesis and disease.

BSc Environmental Science

MEnvSci Environmental Science

UCAS codes: F902 / F900

via Geography

This course brings together the whole-organism biologists here in Animal and Plant Sciences, and experts in the University of Sheffield's Department of Geography, to give you a solid foundation in environmental science.

You can specialise in global change, environmental biosciences or environmental geosciences, or take a more general route through your degree.