Emeritus Professor F Ian Woodward

Prof F Ian WoodwardTel: +44 (0)114 222 4647
Fax: +44 (0)114 222 0002

Email: f.i.woodward@sheffield.ac.uk

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image of a treeCareer

  • BA (1970) University of Oxford; PhD (1973) University of Lancaster
  • NERC Research Fellow, University of Lancaster (1973-1975)
  • Higher Scientific Officer, Grassland Research Institute (1975-1976)
  • Lecturer, Department of Plant Science, University College Cardiff, University of Wales (1976-1979)
  • Lecturer, Department of Botany, University of Cambridge (1979-1991)
  • Fellow, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge (1981-1991)
  • Professor of Plant Ecology, Department of Animal & Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, (1991-present)

Key Research Interests

Research is concentrated into two main areas:

  • modelling the impacts of environmental changes on vegetation at the global scale
  • investigating the mechanisms controlling stomatal development, with particular emphasis on identifying the network of environmental responses

Professional Activities

Journal editor-in-chief: New Phytologist

Editorial or advisory board: Climatic Change, Global Change Biology, Journal of Biogeography, Tree Physiology.

Recent Publications (2001 to date)

Bond, W.J., Woodward, F.I. & Midgley, G.F. (2005) The global distribution of ecosystems in a World without fire. New Phytologist 165: 525-38.

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