Professor Jon Slate

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Tel: +44 (0)114 222 0048


Room B85, Alfred Denny Building



BSc, Manchester University (1992) 
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Cambridge (1992-95)
PhD, University of Edinburgh (2000)
Royal Society Travel Fellowship/Postdoctoral Scientist, AgResearch, New Zealand (2000-02)
Lecturer, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2002-05)
Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield (2005-08)
Reader in Evolutionary Genetics, University of Sheffield (2008-12)
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, University of Sheffield (2012-present)

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Key Research Interests

  • Genetic architecture and evolution of fitness traits in wild populations
  • Genome mapping
  • Inbreeding & inbreeding depression

Professional Activities

Associate Editor, Molecular Ecology (2005-present)
Editorial Board, Journal of Evolutionary Biology (2007-present)
NERC Peer Review College (2004-08)
Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury (2006)
NERC Fellowship Panel (2008)
BBSRC Expert Panel on Next Generation Sequencing (2009-10).
BBSRC Pool of Experts (2011-present)
The Genetics Society Committee, Area D - Applied and quantitative genetics (2011-present)
Scientific Committee, European Society of Evolutionary Biology conference, Lisbon, Portugal (2013).

Invited speaker Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics & Genomics, Galveston, Texas, USA (Feb 2011)
Plenary Speaker Population Genetics Group Conference, Hull, UK (Jan 2011)
Invited Speaker Symposium of Ecology and Evolution Doctoral Students, Lausanne, Switzerland (Nov 2010)
Keynote speaker Evolutionary Potential in Wild Populations meeting, Denmark (April 2010)
European Society of Evolutionary Biology, keynote speaker in symposium on Ecological genetics in the genomics era, Turin, Italy (2009)
Plenary speaker EGI Field Ornithology Conference, University of Oxford (2008)
Plenary speaker ESF Workshop – Ecological Genomics in Conservation Biology, Sweden (2007)
Invited Expert Speaker, Volkswagen Foundation Workshop, Tutzing, Germany (2006)
European Society for Evolutionary Biology, keynote speaker in symposium on Evolutionary dynamics of phenotypic traits in wild populations, Kracow, Poland (2005)


I played a key role in developing and delivering evolutionary genetics and genomics modules in APS. At Level 1, I developed, taught on and coordinated APS125 (Genes in Populations). This module describes the fundamentals of how genetic variation is inherited, and illustrates its importance in most areas of biology including human medicine, evolution, conservation biology and agriculture.

I usually supervise a Level 4 student, with most projects combining an element of molecular population genetics with a genomics/bioinformatics approach, typically addressing an evolutionary genetics problem in a wild vertebrate population. I teach bioinformatics techniques to Level 4 students on APS405 (Advanced Biological Analysis).

Research Group

Postdoctoral researchers

Kang-Wook Kim (BBSRC)
Finding the genes that determine variation in sperm morphology and motility

Jocelyn Poissant (NSERC)
Postdoctoral fellowship – Sexually antagonistic selection in great tits

PhD Students

Sanad Alfudhala (Kuwaiti government)
PhD student - Population structure and parasite resistance genetics in the Egyptian spiny mouse

Henry Barton

Joanne Stonehouse