Associate Members of the Department

Call staff on this list from outside the UK using the code +44 114 22 followed by the person's number. Calling from within the UK? The code is 0114 22 followed by the individual's number. Calling from within the University? Just use the number listed below. Or simply email them.

Dr Gaber Abogadallah 20098
Dr Maria Arroniz 20073
Dr Ain Baharum -
Dr Julia Blanchard -
Professor Michael RJ Boots -
Professor Mike Burrell 20085
Katherine Clements -
Gareth Creer -
Dr Cheryl Fleming 24830
Professor Kevin J Gaston -
Dr Barbara Goettsch 20027
Dr M Griesser 20112
Dr Katrin Hammerschmidt -
Dr Anna Kasprzewska -
Sophie Lardy -
Dr Zhicheng Lin -
Dr Virpi Lummaa 20051
Dr Dirk Mikolajewski 20061
Reham Nada 20098
Dr Oliver Otti 20101
Dr Ken Thompson -
Sue Shaw 24772
Bryan Wheeler 24372
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