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Dr Gianna Ayala
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Dr Gianna Ayala
Department of Archaeology
Room D07
Minalloy House
10-16 Regent Street
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I am a trained prehistorian with over twenty years of excavation and field survey experience. Over the last 14 years much of my work has focussed on landscape archaeology and geoarchaeological analysis in order to answer important questions about human history.

I studied for my undergraduate degree in archaeological science at the University of Texas at Austin and MA in prehistory at the Università di Roma, La Sapienza during which I gained fieldwork experience in the Mediterranean and specifically Italy working on international archaeological field projects spanning a wide range of human history from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Classical period.

I came to the UK to write a doctoral thesis on long term landscape history and human impact in the Sicilian Nebrodi Mountains integrating geoarchaeology, archaeology and modelling using GIS (University of Cambridge).

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work for English Heritage as a geoarchaeologist 2003-2004 advising on archaeological sites and research strategies across the south of England before taking my post in the Department of Archaeology in 2004.

  • PhD (University of Cambridge)
  • MA (Università di Roma, La Sapienza)
  • BA (University of Texas at Austin)
Research interests

My research interests are wide reaching and focus on the integration of different analytical methods. I work predominately in the Mediterranean but have worked all over the world, including Britain, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Argentina.

  • Geoarchaeology (landscape and on-site investigations)
  • Italian and Mediterranean prehistory
  • Landscape archaeology and field survey techniques
  • Contemporary archaeology

Current research projects / collaborations:

  • 2018 – 2023- Vulci Archaeological Project (VT, Italy) – co-director with C. Riva (UCL), C. Casi (Parco Archeologico Nazionale di Vulci) in collaboration with the Soprintendenza di Roma.
  • 2014 – Present- The Knossos Gypsades Project (Crete) – co-director with A. Bogaard (University of Oxford) and E. Hatzaki (University of Cincinnati) and I. Serpetsidaki (23rd EPKA, Greek Ministry).
  • 2009 – Present- Çatalhöyük Landscape Project – co director with J. Wainwright (Durham University)
Research group

I would be happy to supervise students at both MA/MSc and PhD level on topics relating to geoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, and European prehistory.

Current Research Students

  • Nicholas Clarke- "A geochemical approach to unifying theory and practice in spatial studies of archaeology"
  • Emily La Trobe-Bateman- "Snowdonia's Early Fieldscapes"
  • Bryony Moody- "Heritage Data Analytics: Sustainable strategies for large and complex stratigraphic and chronometric data" (School of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Caitlin Nagle- "A multi-proxy investigation of Late Holocene coastal landscapes in North Wales: modelling impacts of past and future climate change"

Former Students

  • Craig Appley- "The influence of environmental changes upon occupation practice and land use during the prehistory of the Furness Peninsula, South Cumbria, UK" (funded by a University of Sheffield studentship)
  • Tudur Davies- "Early Medieval Penllyn, an environmental landscape study"
  • Samantha Stein- "The Geoarchaeology and Micromorphology of Viking and Anglo-Saxon Occupation Sequences: understanding changes in use of space in a Viking camp and Anglo-Scandinavian settlement at Torksey, Lincolnshire" (funded by a University of Sheffield studentship)

Examples of former MSc research topics

  • Geoarchaeology in the A-Level classroom: Communicating archaeological interdisciplinarity
  • A geoarchaeological analysis of a Late Bronze Age floor deposit from Mokarta, Sicily
  • A geoarchaeological reconsideration of the accepted landscape model for Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Teaching activities


  • Catastrophe and Climate Change: From Prehistory to Modernity (co-ordinator)


  • GIS For Archaeologists (co-ordinator)
  • Investigating Ancient Environments (co-ordinator)
  • Mediterranean Landscapes (co-ordinator)
  • Reinventing Archaeology
Professional activities and memberships
  • 2009 – Present- Ordinary Member of the AEA and the QRA
  • 2002 – Present- Reviewer for Geoarchaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science, Journal of Environmental Archaeology, and Journal of Field Archaeology, Antiquity
  • 2004 – 2009- Committee Member of the AEA


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  • Malone, C., Ayala, G, Fitzjohn, M. and Stoddart, S., (2001-2003) Under the volcano. Accordia Research Papers, London; vol. 9: 7-21. Accordia Research Institute.

Journals- Special Issues

  • Geoarchaeology of Bronze Age Europe (eds.) C. Nicosia, G. Ayala, S. Dreibrodt, J. Niebieszczanski, A. Petos (in press) Special Edition of Journal of Archaeological Science Reports
  • Communities, environment and resources: the structuration of cultural landscapes in prehistoric
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  • Special Issue: Geoarchaeology (eds.) G. Ayala and C. French, 2005, Volume 20, Numbers 1 and 2.

Journal Articles


  • Ayala, G. (2007) "Soils, Stones and Symbols: Cultural Perceptions of the Mineral World."
    Environmental Archaeology, Vol. 12, No. 2, 222-224.

Non-Refereed Abstracts, Reports & other Publications

  • Serpetsidaki, I. Hatzaki, E., Ayala, G., Bogaard, A. (2017) Knossos Gypsades Excavation Report for the Ministry of Culture, Greece and British School of Athens.
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